Thursday, 22 June 2017

What Would the Sex & the City Girls Be Wearing in 2017?

It is hard to believe, isn't it? Nearly two decades ago, a New York based TV show, with relatively known characters was introduced, which was to take the world by a catastrophic storm. The birth of Sex and the City revolutionised the concept of the 'modern woman' and showed us that there is a lot more to womanhood than meets the eye.

The series rose to prominence in the late 90s due to the elusive idea that you were a "fly-on-the-wall" to these four savvy, women's conversations of the New York dating scene. These conversations were something so many viewers could easily relate to, and this was a big part in the shows success. The show immersed you into the troubling and entertaining dating world of the 20th century. You felt ever so intrusive in a sense, to be sitting at the dinner table with them, whilst the sexually adventurous Samantha shockingly reveals, "I'm dating a guy with the funkiest tasting spunk!" Or the ever so prudish Charlotte proclaims a guy she has been dating, "fell asleep whilst making love to her." They epitomised the young woman of that era. The show however also tackled serious issues like: infidelity, safe sex, sexuality, promiscuity whilst always keeping the epicentre of it comedic at heart.

Sex and the city is a series that transcended the boundaries of style, class and culture, with the piecing together of tremendous fashion and humorous dating troubles. The combination ultimately created a chic and classic series that was made so compelling to watch and was also perpetuated throughout the two movie sequels. Their style of dressing was uncomplicated, yet well planned and trendsetting due to the magic of Patricia Field. But after seventeen years of changing fashion trends, what would the four characters actually be wearing in 2017? As Yves Saint Laurent once said, "Fashion fades, style is eternal", and honey, this show has immense style.

Carrie Bradshaw

As the main protagonist of the show, all fashion eyes were on her. Her style was cool, comfortable yet kitsch. She was not afraid to make a statement; if you think back to her Dior newspaper dress that ironically told a thousand words. When it came to footwear Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo are never far from her closet, as the fashionista once said, "I like my money where I can see it... Hanging in my closet."

What would she be wearing now? Peter Pilotto SS17 

Samantha Jones

Legs or cleavage? It was never a style choice for the fourty-something glamour puss. The feisty cougar of the foursome, yet that never showed with her style choices. She was always ahead of the fashion pack, whether that was attaining the rarity of a Birkin bag or finding that perfect dress that would just make a guy cum in his pants as soon as he saw her. Vivid colours and darish accessories were just something she would be widely remembered for. Samantha's wardrobe would be adorned with embellished Balmain and the most colourful Christian Louboutin's.

What would she be wearing? Balmain SS17

Charlotte York Goldenblatt

Charlotte loved a feminine, floral print. Her style was ladylike yet simple and coy. The most feminine of the group, she was known for a simple blouse and a ever-so-charming pastel prom skirt, she was never far from a pearl. She loved to finish her look off with a slick ponytail and a pretty Lady Dior handbag.

What would she be wearing? Victoria Beckham SS17

Miranda Hobbes

Easily mistaken for the tomboy, Miranda's style was trendsetting yet understated. As the Lawyer and Mummy of the group, she would never be far from a trouser suit or a crisp white shirt. Brands like Theory and Helmut Lang were worn by the redhead. Her style was ever-changing, from button-up shirts to breezy dresses, she could always pull it off.

What would she be wearing? Hermes SS17

Oh please return to our screens girls...

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Gucci Spring/Summer 2017 Womenswear | Milan Fashion Week

A collection of gender fluidity pieces mixed with pop culture and Renaissance. Gucci's perpetual essence is captured within their latest collection in Milan. The brand presented elevated day-and-evening wear yesterday which really enthralled fashions elite.

Only the delicately piercing sound of a cricket could be heard at the Gucci Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show, before a hauntingly beautiful violin filled the pitched-black room with conspicuous sounds. Sounds that made the littlest of hairs on the back of your neck stand to a strong halt in tension. Those sounds started and completed the show...

The scene was set for a spine-chilling thriller movie, the ones you watched when you were a kid, and would ultimately end up sleeping in your parents bedroom due to harrowing nightmares. Fashion bigwigs filled the front row as the room, filled with 250,000 mirrored sequins, dramatically flashed lights for a matter of seconds, before transforming the room into a deep, plush-pink space. Which resulted in a beautiful fashion masterpiece for Gucci's SS17 - a step further from his all green men's catwalk show.

The models walked ghostly down the Gucci striped catwalk, slowly; as if like zombies, in their towering Gucci styled wedges. Juxtapose this against the fast-paced, theatrical Florence & The Machine music, this created a chilling vibe for the show.

Alessandro Michele, Gucci's creative director, keen to once again deliver another iconic moment for Gucci, designed a masterpiece, with a theatrical delight that could win an Oscar. His trendsetting and luxuriously-unique looks have gone from strength-to-strength each season, with his latest offering possibly being the designers culmination of his career so far.

The collection was overloaded with references to the Renaissance, with  evening dresses with a giant embroidered heart, pierced with a sword and the numerals "XXV" inside it. As well as a radical and witty black, silk satin, floor length evening gown, with gold sequinned, pineapple shaped sleeves. The dress, which caught the attention of many, had two symmetrical sequinned parrots embroiled into the dress with feathers adding to the beauty. The animal theme was very prominent within the show. A citrus orange coat with two symmetrical zebras also made a bold and modern statement.

As well as these references, Alessandro's vision to intertwine both men's and female fashion was clearly seen within this collection. The designer has been praised for his gender fluidity garments in his previous collections and he's certainly carrying on this tradition. Women in trouser suits and a waist coat, as well as dresses, paired bravely with trousers. Then the men walked alongside the women in a pale, macaroon-pink trench coat with soft-yellow flowers embossed on it. As well as Alessandro's signature gold ribbon, made famous from his previous women's collection, placed firmly on a hot pink male jumper.

Each look was meticulously styled, with even the last minuscule sequin being delicately placed to create a scintillating showpiece. Serpents, statement-making coats, western ruffles and that pineapple sleeved evening dress were snapped instantly on smartphones by the fashions front row, ready for an Instagram upload to impress.

The deepest shades of red, purple and gold were seen heavily within the collection. Many of the outfits each had a shiny red ribbon wrapped carefully, to top the look - you could say the cherry on top of the deliciously scrumptious cake.

The bigger the better when it came to accessories for the dramatic show. Models were adorned by exquisitely oversized accessories. Oversized sunglasses, oversized hats, oversized earrings, and a oversized binocular necklace. But the oversized accessories didn't do anything but add to the beauty of each look.

Gucci has certainly cemented its luxurious crown firmly back on top of its head, as the hottest show in Milan fashion week since Alessandro's revival of the iconic Italian brand. The latest collection did not disappoint, and with the theatricality even Galliano would envy, the designer is certainly taking Gucci to a whole new fashion level.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Prada Fall/Winter 2015 Womenswear Review | Milan Fashion Week

Elegant sixties inspired tailoring with a futuristic twist made everyone swoon at the Prada AW15 RTW Womenswear collection. Miuiccia Prada, the fashion brand’s designer, helped bring a whole new meaning to dressing up in your mother's expensive designer frocks.

Only the delicate tip-tap of a model walking out of the metallic box, with a futuristic Ping-Pong styled tune playing peacefully in the background was to be heard. Looking youthful and innocently girlish, all dressed in wonderfully pastel coloured baby doll prom dresses and vintage tweed trouser suits, whilst having very cute and ever so charming high ponytails; adorned by a rhinestone flower clip.

An impactful colour pallet. Soft shades of peach, green, periwinkle blue and bubble-gum pink were dominant in the dynamic collection. Almost like looking ever-so-carefully inside a box of deliciously tasteful macaroons, which inevitably gave off a very innocent and childlike feel. This was also shown with the models make-up, very minimal yet meticulously precise in detail. A hint of a blush, a nude lip and just a smudge of a peach coloured eye-shadow to define the eye, embeds the youthful and playful theme.

Accessories played a large part in Prada’s collection, adding a subtle and polished sophistication to the garments. Oversized embellished crystal broaches in the shape of cute flower stems, playful hair clips carefully holding the model's high-raised ponytails, elongated pastel coloured evening gloves, and shoulder-bows, added a sense of wearing your mother's rather large and vintage embellishments with your school dress. They helped bring Miuccia’s powerful creations to life, adding a timeless opulence and very modern twist to a vintage-feel collection.

The bold use of ethnic diversity was also apparent in the show. Miuccia has been criticised strongly for her previous shows due to casting all-white models to wear her collections. However casting newcomers Lineisy Montero and Aya Jones (above), which were the clear standouts at the show, alongside Mica Arganaraz was a perfect move.

Ms Prada got this collection flawlessly right, taking the fashion brand to a whole new, bittersweet level. A cleverly played juxtaposition compared to the brands last highly praised collection, which was romantically dark and mysterious, a world away from the sickly sweet princess themed pieces. The final impression was of timeless elegance and was a clear standout of Milan Fashion week. How darling!



Friday, 27 February 2015

Moschino Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear Review | London Fashion Week

A mystical winter wonderland was certainly embedded within Moschino's recent AW15 Menswear collection. A snow-filled backdrop, faux snow descending beautifully onto the runway, and models being adorned by primitive and exotic furs. All these components were added to create a beautifully-chilly mise-en-scene.

Moschino’s creative director, Jeremy Scott, certainly had no qualms regarding the casting for his show. Perfectly sculptured physics were a must for the models, with a multitude of muscled males marching down the runway with their buff, bare chests and strong, muscled legs confidently on display, whilst being draped in exotic furs and untamed fur snow boots.

Jeremy always brings intensity and exuberance to his runways, and the energy for this show was apparent, with cleverly-witty anecdote jumpers and t-shirts stating, “I had nothing to wear so I put on this Moschino T-shirt.” Scott took contrasting to extreme, dressing fashion darling, Jourdan Dunn, in a Moschino labelled bikini, snow boots and a golden fur-lined hooded jacket. The collections use of fur, zebra, and leopard pieces matched with intense coloured patchwork cardigans, which were paired with a beige undertone, all added to this feel. He certainly brought the sun to the strong winter vibes.

The collection was scintillatingly magical and fastidiously detailed, showing Jeremy’s meticulous eye and his strong ascendance in the fashion industry. The only thing that was evidently missing from the show was Santa Clause himself.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

the 'it' girls of 2014

If you’ve watched the comedy-drama film, ‘Devil Wears Prada’ adapted from the popular book of the same name by Lauren Weisberger, you might think you withhold great prescience when it comes to the future of the ever-exciting fashion world. A film which vividly showcases the drastic and competitive industry in around 90 minutes. The fashion world guarantees very few long-jeopardy careers, models are just as disposable as last nights leftover dinner, with girls being replaced each season as the new 'It' girl. However this year, five women cemented their careers within modelling, stamping their very expensive, designer heels and bellowing "I am here to stay!" (Not literally but you catch my drift!) Here are the five women that gallivanted from one fashion show to the next and became the envy of every rising model by landing the crème de la crème of campaigns last year.

5. Sasha Luss
With hair as white as snow and a jawline even Sasha Pivovarova would be envious of, Sasha Luss has truly captivated the modelling world this year. Although the Russian beauty has been modelling since 2007, this year was definitely the year that cemented Sasha's status in fashion. Sasha impressed designer Raf Simmons and became the face of Dior, as well as bagging campaigns for Versace, Lanvin and Chanel. She was also handpicked by Steven Miesel for the 2015 Pirelli calendar. She will soon be held in the same ranks as fellow Russian supermodels: Natasha Poly, Sasha Pivovarova and Natalia Vodianova!




4. Saskia De Brauw
Androgynous beauty, Saskia De Brauw, has made an entire career from her sexual ambiguity and her edgy, high fashion look. Proving fashion has no expiry date, the 33 year old had a very impressive year, gracing five top covers as well as accumulating five campaigns, including Louis Vuitton and Moschino; where she modelled alongside icons: Linda Evangelista, Karen Elson and Carolyn Murphy. Quintessentially Danish charm and a short and perfectly-styled pixie cut has kept top designers rebooking Saskia each year.

3. Anna Ewers
Anna's burgeoning career went from strength-to-strength this year. A model famed for evoking the stunning 70s model, Brigitt Bardott, famous pin-up look. Anna has impressed the elite of the fashion industry. Steven Miesel, Mert& Marcus and Alexander Wang have been some of the big names that have celebrated working with the German model, which inevitably helped her land eight major campaigns, including the prestigious Prada campaign. Baby Bardott was also one of the favourites of SS15, walking in 42 shows last season, including Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Valentino. The Bardott reign is certainly not holding up!

2. Amanda Murphy
Chicago born Amanda has become a major player within the modelling world, a girl who was fully embraced by iconic photographer, Steven Miesel, shooting two back-to-back Italian Vogue covers. She has become a force to be reckoned with due to her strong, classical symmetry features and unique look, which inexplicably transfix both designers and fashion followers. Amanda landed six major campaigns including: Prada, Celine, Bottega Veneta and Hugo Boss. She also smashed SS15 Paris fashion week, walking 12 prime shows including: Chanel, Celine, Stella McCartney and Dior.


1. Julia Nobis
This year was a remarkable one for Sydney-born fashion model, Julia Nobis. The nympth beauty served up a euphonic buffet of major campaigns this year including: Dior, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy, as well as gracing two Italian Vogue covers! The rising star may have only been discovered in 2009 but is well on her way to becoming one of Australia’s supers, due to her soaring popularity with the industry's elite. Julia has become a sine-qua-non for previous fashion weeks, being highly in-demand for top designers; she walked an impressive 34 shows last season, as well as closing seven!


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

birds of a feather flock together

In a world where nepotism is rife, is it acceptable to choose ties over talent? If you are not born into opulence, or possess the phone book of a bigwig, making even a miniscule dent in the cut-throat and highly competitive creative industry can seem impossible, and your success will unlikely be imminent. 

Budding creative individuals tend to live double lives, just like the once American sweetheart, turned shamelessly-erotic singer, Miley Cyrus popular Disney character, Hannah Montana. They spend innumerable hours in the fashion cupboards, returning the very important and expensive garments back, before running helplessly around the streets of London on coffee runs, trying not to spill any of the editors coffee! Whilst also working in monotonous jobs for minimum wage, just to pay their rent.  Working ten hour shifts and then running back home to either write a new article for their blog, or complete a fashion project, seems to be an arduous task for many, but in a world of such stiff competition, it’s an arduous task that needs to be done.

Juxtapose this life with an entity born into wealth or fame, where the case of Veruca Salt’s famous, ‘I want that, daddy!’ attitude seems to help fulfil their wanted desires and dreams. Being able to achieve something through "who you know", rather than "what you know", has been an archaic trend within society for many centuries.

A recent case of obvious nepotism has to be Kendall Jenner, a girl raised in a multi-million dollar family, whom seems to have simply clicked her fingers and become the jaundiced figure of young, hopeful models everywhere. A girl you will certainly not see cueing at fashion castings. But her rising ascendant has all been down to her... she wants you to believe.

Earlier this year the world was once again ram-raided by the utterly redundant yet beguiling Kardashion/Jenner clan, a family where oxymoron’s seem to come first-hand, yet most of us are all transfixed on what new dramas the glamourous family will face next. 2014 was the year of Kendall, the least charismatic of the bunch yet devilishly tall teenager with a cute face, which has surprisingly taken the fashion world by storm; with no help from her big sisters of course. The teen, although visually has the aesthetics to be a commercial model due to her cute face and long limbs. Her blank, monotonous look, whether on runway or in fashion spreads doesn’t seem to be winning over any wanted fans, whom seem to vilify her every fashion move. From a Dazed cover to an Estee Lauder contract, you just have to scroll through the Instagram comments on any of her fashion announcements to prove this. Fashion is about out-of-this-world beauty, not following trend and possessing sharp, strong, cut-you-like-a-knife features and a signature walk, qualities the pretty brunette doesn’t withhold according to some.

But the question on every fashion-followers perfectly-plumped lips is, would Kendall be landing campaigns and covers if she wasn’t related to Kim Kardashian? Notably one of the world’s most talked about women; she broke the internet remember! Kim's status can undoubtedly be one of the reasons for the Kendall's catapult into the competitive fashion world, whom walked both the New York and Paris Fashion Week runways for Balmain, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs to name a few.

But say I was somehow the long lost, apricot-skinned, Kardashian brother, would it be a sure-fire that my burgeoning writing career would inexplicably take off due to my family connections? Would I land my dream job at a popular fashion magazine because one of my famous sisters from the television sent an exuberant tweet to the editor?  Nepotism would certainly allow my creative talents to flourish, but would the accomplishments really fulfil my desires? Hard work and determination are characteristics for success, that’s if you aren’t a Kardashian/Jenner of course.

Let’s stop all this Kendall hate. Yes I am one of those who don’t believe the girl would be where she is today if she wasn’t a famous reality-star sister and I may be filled with tempestuous jealousy, but I have to give the girl a little credit, she’s living her dream, something we all want to do. Kendall also made the grandiloquent SS15 shows front page news, even if it shunned both the designers magical creations and her fellow beautiful models in the process. Whether through many headlines of other 'catty' models bullying the famous sister, to her simply being ‘too fat for runway’ according to a popular Australian magazine, she certainly grabbed the headlines during SS15 fashion weeks.

However other rising-stars are being cast heavily aside and forgotten about, like any previous X Factor winner, in favour of the reality star. Anna Ewers is one of fashions recent muses. The German model, famed for evoking the look of Brigitte Bardot, as well as her effortless high fashion look and a famous glare that transfixes you. The model accumulated many fans after walking in every one of the fashion elites shows last season, including Dolce & Gabbana, Isabel Marant and Balmain. As well as being handpicked by Steven Meisel for the 2015 Pirelli calendar and being photographed by the legendary duo, Mert & Marcus for French Vogue. Nevertheless, according to the media, the mundane Kendall seems to be the ‘model of the year’ despite not even having a Vogue cover, an apotheosis in a new models career. So why hasn't Anna grabbed any headlines recently for her burgeoning success? One could argue it's because she isn't a reality-star sister.

Birds of a feather flock together.
But maybe one day, talent and determination will be credited over all the Veruca Salt’s in this ruthless world. We live in a society where Gretchen Wieners, the famously ditzy daughter of the inventor of the toaster strudel in the remarkably funny Means Girls, would somehow in later years take on the role of the CEO of toaster strudels, despite not knowing one thing about them, or many things come to think of it, just because of who she is. But don't lose faith recent graduates, all those hours doing returns and coffee runs will one day pay off for all.

The creative industry is simply one of the hardest to break into, degree or no degree, your diligence could be overlooked in favour of somebody else. If you haven’t interned in a dozen of successful magazines, your strong resolutely and hard work will certainly go unnoticed. These internships are highly sought-after and extremely difficult to land, especially if you're relatively new to the industry and have no ties. Whether your passion is writing or photography, thousands of people are all in competition with you for your chosen job, maybe even the editor’s second cousins friend’s brother, who knows?

Sunday, 28 September 2014

controversy continues in russia

I sit peacefully in a local coffee shop in my hometown, Manchester. The Northern city is iconic for its music, nightlife and above all its wide kitsch-appeal. People are not afraid to be themselves and stand out; there is a hot spot for every niche going. Another thing that Manchester is famous for is its openly-gay community. Canal Street is a regular hot spot for both homosexual and heterosexual people, all favouring the camp and scintillating atmosphere. But the same cannot be said over three thousand miles away in Russia. Homosexuality is a very taboo and frowned upon subject and you certainly will not see Jeremy Joseph opening a new G-A-Y bar there anytime soon.

Whilst drinking my salted latte I look around the small and dainty coffee shop. People are sat all around me speaking trivially to one another. One side of the room there are a group of bigwig business men speaking sternly to one another, no smiles just sombre faces, whilst a group of twenty-something girls contagiously laugh harmoniously whilst discussing last night’s wild-shenanigans. The bombastic chorus of nonsense seems to fill the room; however I cleverly tried to zone-out of listening to any of it. The feeling you get once the hoover is switched off, peace and tranquility. That’s the feeling that surrounded me. I tried to embrace that peaceful feeling. It’s actually a very difficult thing to do, to not earwig into people’s conversations, especially when you see a row of joyful faces and hear a chorus of blissful laughter.

I carried on taking no notice of others around me, frivolously checking my social media when my eyes became inexplicably transfixed on a lady sat opposite to me. She was a rare, buoyant beauty. She had a remarkably impeccable sense of style. A lady in her late forties proving style has no expiry date. She wore a beautiful red, diaphanous gown, as red as a Coca Cola bottle. Her hair was perfectly styled, almost embodying Brigitte Bardot famous vintage hairstyle. She had laughter lines, but that somehow added to her beauty. I zoned out fairly quickly of my peaceful tranquility and decided to listen to her conversation. I didn't want to seem inquisitive but I was in somewhat in awe of her. I witnessed her relishing as she informed her friends about her devilish encounter with a much young female. I was shocked to discover she was a lesbian woman – not too sound too stereotypical but she didn't fit the usual definition of a lesbian woman. But this got me thinking, if this situation was carried out in Russia, a lady openly admitting to sleeping with a much young woman, would she have been laughed at and shunned out of the coffee shop? Would her friends become strangers? The gritty realisation is that there are thousands of homosexual men and women living their lives fearfully in Russia, with very little help being offered to them.
Russia is a very archaic and religious country, homophobia has somewhat been fetishised and embedded into people’s minds. It was broadcasted heavily within the media earlier this year due to Vladimir Putin, the Russian signing an Anti-Gay Law which made it illegal for individuals to promote homosexual behaviour to any minors; the popular ‘The Simpsons’ character Helen Lovejoy was surely over the moon somebody had listened. Nobody gets it? Remember she chanted “won’t somebody think of the children!” at any given opportunity… No? OK I give up.

Earlier this month a former pop star cemented the countries homophobic views on a popular Russian television show. Yulia Volkova, who rose to fame in the famous pop duo, Tatu; famous for their song ‘All the Things She Said’ and their failed revival of a pop career earlier this year at the Olympics, openly admitted to the world that she would condemn her son if he turned out to be gay. The Russian singer stated that she believed, ‘A man has no right to be a fag’, quite an ironic mind set considering she is most famous for passionately kissing another woman. Volkova took giddy delight in shaming and embarrassing homosexuals around the world saying, "I have many gay friends. I believe that being gay is all still better than murderers, thieves or drug addicts. If you choose out of all this, being gay is a little better than the rest." It is quite shocking that even in 2014 being prejudice is still a ‘thing’.

When I first heard about Russia’s Anti-Gay Law I remembered an interview that had appalled me a few years back due to its light-hearted approach to mock homosexuality. The interview was broadcast in 2010 for the popular Jonathan Ross show. Natalia Vodianova, a Russian supermodel was quizzed about homosexuality in Russia. Ross asked, “Have you met many gay guys in Russia?” to which the model responded gleefully that she had in fact not known what the term ‘gay’ meant before she moved to Paris for modelling at 18. She looked passively towards the cameras, her green eyes smouldering before looking awkwardly at her feet. Her face and attitude showed the scorn she felt about the whole subject. She then went on to say. “Where I come from, if you wear pink shorts and an orange sweater you aren't going to get very far!” before breaking into laughter with the audience. The interview was broadcasted in England, a country that has somewhat accepted homosexuality since it was legalised in 1967, so why were these comments accepted and to an extent praised by the audience?

A very similar law was actually brought into place in England way before I was born. In 1988 the British Government created Section 28. The law was introduced by Margaret Thatcher; it prohibited local authorities, including schools around the country from promoting homosexuality. Portraying homosexuality in a positive light was banned.
It was supposed to protect minors… sounds similar doesn’t it? Thankfully Britain saw sense with the whole debate, and the law was later abolished in 2003 whilst Labour was in Government.

Prejudice behaviour was ripe in the 90s; it’s no surprise considering Government wasn’t condemning it, kind of the opposite in fact. I was naïve to the situation at the time, but I was a child which essentially was part of the social experiment. I was a child growing up in a school environment, where Section 28 was in law. I was blissfully unaware, sex education classes focused solely on heterosexual sex. A man and a woman, no lesbian videos, and certainly no man-on-man action! I did not know the full extent of homosexuality until my early teens. I didn’t learn it through teachers or textbooks, but by names which I was called in the playground. I wasn’t bullied, but I was lightly teased as I was evidently not a macho, football-loving boy.
Although many legislative changes have occurred over the past few decades in England, relating to age of consent, marriage, employment and the goods and service sector, there are still laws in the UK which discriminate against gay people. Gay people are not allowed to give blood; even though there is a shortage in the UK. The argument is that gay people have a higher risk of sexually transmitted infections than heterosexuals, which is true, but given that blood is screened and discarded if needs be, surely it’s worth this extra financial cost if someone’s life is at stake?

interviewed porn star Kayden Gray earlier this year when the Law had first been put in place. I touched briefly on the subject to which he said, “The Russian Anti-Gay Law is an unacceptable display of ignorance and a true disgrace to the human-race.” He was right, the behaviour is inexcusable, so why isn't anything being done about it?

With many once celebrities trying to revive their dwindling careers everyday, could we see a surge of Russian has-beens controversially voicing their opinions on the subject, just to gain a few column inches? Russia should take notes from Manchester, a grandiloquent city famed for its kitsch appeal and open-mindedness. People are born different: different races, different genders, and different sexual orientations. Acceptance and kindness is free, so sprinkle that shit everywhere.